Sellers – Pre-sale

Home inspections are a great way for people to learn about the house they are considering buying and gives them the much needed information to form part of their decision-making process. Unfortunately many failed transactions have resulted from home inspections due to the inspection either because the buyer was scared away by the deficiencies or because the seller was unwilling to negotiate the price based on the required repairs. A sellers (pre listing) inspection can remove these surprises form the beginning.

A pre-listing home inspection report is a great way for the seller to find out ahead of time what actions need to be taken in order for the house to be ready for the market. The seller is then able to remove any unknowns ahead of time and avoid the stressful negotiating process that can sometimes lead to a failed transaction. The seller also has the option to obtain quotes for a specific problem and reduce the sale price by that amount before listing the house. The pre-listing inspection report is a great marketing tool that can be shared with all potential buyers.